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Below you will find details of the services I provide for Weddings and Masonic Ladies' Festivals. For other events, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Noel Thompson Toastmaster

To give you a broad idea of my duties on and before the day I hope the following will be of use to you (items 3-6 for combined Civil Service and Reception).

Before the day: Meet up with, or contact both of you; advise on speeches, etiquette, timings, or any other aspect of the Reception or Wedding Breakfast.

I will arrive about 2 - 3 hours before the ceremony to ensure everything is set up and ready. This will also allow me to welcome your guests as they arrive, and direct them to the bar, reception or ceremony room.

Meet the Bridegroom and Best man and arrange the interview with the Registrar.

Seat all the guests in the Marriage Room prior to the arrival of the Bride and keep them updated and informed of the day ahead.

Liaise with the Registrar and restaurant/catering staff.

Ensure the guests are ushered into the correct rooms after the ceremony for drinks etc.

Liaise with the photographer and assist as necessary.

Arrange the reception line, if required, and introduce the guests.

Announce the Bride and Bridegroom into the Wedding Breakfast, and escort to the top table.

Say Grace if required.

Arrange the cake cutting.

Introduce those giving the speeches and ensure any presents are to hand for presentation.

Escort the Bride and Bridegroom from the Wedding Breakfast and ensure the guests clear the room for the setting up of the evening function.

Arrange the throwing of the bouquet if required.

Announce the first dance and generally to ensure the whole day runs to time and plan. Allowing you time to enjoy your guests company, thoroughly enjoy the entire day and leave you with a truly memorable occasion.


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Noel Thompson Toastmaster

These functions need special planning, too. I will be on hand to guide all the members, their Ladies and their guests towards an enjoyable evening - in particular the guest of honour, The President's Lady.

Before the event I will make contact and we can meet up to discuss and agree the order of events.

As your Toastmaster, I will use my expertise and professionalism to ensure the smooth running of the evening. I will give advice and act as a point of reference /planning on the evening itself and I will work to ensure that everything runs according to plan.

Whilst each event is unique, I will undertake some or all of the following:

Receive and escort the principal hosts on arrival at the function venue.

Receive your guests.

Make all the usual announcements at the Reception.

Organise a receiving line if required.

Announce and escort the principal guest or guests to the top table.

Say grace before the meal.

Co-ordinate both formal speeches and informal taking of wine.

Ensure that presentations take place at the appropriate time.

Organise the raffle draw and present the prizes.

Formally close the dinner and prepare for the dancing.

Close the evening as required.


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